‘Music Expresses More Than Words’, says Sahastra The Band who Released Their New Single ‘Pass Aane Ke Liye’

Sahastra The Band, released their new track ‘Pass Aane Ke Liye’ today, which is a Romantic-Rock number, featuring the trio, Sawan who is the voice behind the track, Raghvesh with Drums and Tejasvi on Guitar.

We tried to find out a little more about track and the band in a conversation with Raghvesh. He explained how the band was created in 2014 just for enjoying music, just doing it for the sake of happiness, which soon turned out to be fruitful as people started to appreciate them. Three Years after the formation of the band, they released their first track ‘Saathiya’ in 2017 which got quite a good response from people, and since then they’ve been doing really well.

Raghvesh says,

We people believe that Music is something which expresses more that words!, and that’s what keep them motivated.

He also shared, the story about their latest composition and that’s also very interesting. He says,

This song was like an extempore, one of our members had a dream in which the chorus was played, and he immediately called up the other band members in the night telling about this song to which we all got interested. Next day while jamming in the studio they made a complete song out of it and hence this song was made and recorded.

The song is about feeling of happiness which one feels in love and the pain of separation, along with a promise of returning back in the happy world  (‘Bas Karna Tu Mera Intezar Banke Rehna Meri Jaaneja’).

The track is available on YouTube, as well as on all leading music streaming portals. You may listen the track here.

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