“Most Important is The Immense Support Which I’ve Got From My Family”, says Savio

Savio Kenny, an Actor, Model and Singer whose recent Music Video ‘Jiyu Ya Na Jiyu’ was a great success, is working on his latest music video which is planned to be out soon with Indie Music Label, shares his experience and journey.

1. When did you decide to take up singing as a full time career?

Looking back to the days when I was in School I was always interested to do something creative in life and I was very fond of listening music and singing my favorite songs, I also started writing at the age of 14 but had never thought that I would take this up as a Full Time Career later in life, Later when I went to college I was totally cut off with music so I never thought of this happening, My plans were to continue a normal life after my studies, So right after my graduation I came to Mumbai to take up some job, where I happened to work into Events, Reality shows, Music shows, worked as Artist Manager, also Worked into Sales and Marketing but now thought of making my passion my career.

2. How did you think about making his first video?

Its been 4 years now in Mumbai and last year I wrote this song which is very close to my heart and started working on it and this year I felt that this song should be out for everyone to hear it, So, This is what made me come up with making my first Music Video. And most important is the immense support which I have got from my Family.

3. What is your inspiration behind your songs?

Talking about inspiration, it comes from the people around me, I observe them, listen them, I am just a medium to bring out there thoughts, feelings etc. that people can relate the same with my songs.

4. Is your video taken from a real life incident?

Yes, misunderstanding takes place in every relationships, this is one of the common problems faced between couples, So we thought to create a very simple video which is something public can relate to and also for the youth those who have not faced such issues yet should know what complication they may face in a relationship and should be very open to discuss rather than taking a decisions all alone, adding to it, “Don’t trust what you see but trust your heart”

5. What made you choose Indie Music as your Label?

I wanted to release my Music this year with no fail. So here I got Introduced with Indie Music Label and I got the confidence that they are the right channel to make my song reach out to millions of people and also I believe that they are the right Label to look over my Music.

6. What are your immediate future plans?

Working on something which would be different from romantic genre.

7. What kind of audience are you Targeting?

This song and the message is for every age group. but yes, youth is something I am targeting on.
With some new projects lined up, and his clear thoughts about his music, we are sure he would be able to connect to his right set of audience with his music. We wish him all the luck.

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