‘Sameera’ : A love story of a Muslim girl which will make you skip your beat

Unlike any other love story, Swati Semwal has portrayed a heart-touching love story of a Muslim girl in a totally different manner. Released on 9th March 2018, on Net Pix Shorts, this short film has grabbed the attention of the audience towards its outstanding concept, as well as the remarkable screen play. Along with that, something which is unique to this short film is that you get to see the exceptional work by the leading International Musicians Bahramji, Maneesh De Moor as well as Zubin Kalhor.

The young talent, Swati Semwal, has played beautifully around a concept where a lovely girl SAMEERA, who is a painter, falls madly in love. And being from a Muslim family, as well as having some other complications in her life, she stands at a crisis where she is finding no way out to tell this to her parents. Revealing the truth to her parents, is now an ordeal for her. The way she overcomes the dilemma faced at this point in time, and the role which the destiny has to play in her life, is what makes the audience curious. The answers to these questions surely makes the movie endearing.

Apart from being the lead role in this movie, Swati has played a perfect role being an excellent writer as well as the director of this charismatic short film. Making the audience believe in the power of true love with this movie seems to be a piece of cake for this director.

Released by the founders of the First Step Entertainment Capital, this movie is being showcased on the Net Pix Shorts. First Step Entertainment Capital work on the novel aims at promoting the small Indie Cinema, as well as helps the creative talents bloom into the films.

Excited to know what actually happened to SAMEERA, how she handles the situation, why she ignores the marriage proposals coming her way?? Well, if these questions are popping up in your mind, worry not, just watch this short film available on Net Pix Shorts and let all your questions get answered. Well, in addition to this you avail a golden opportunity to witness the pleasing sound of the P`ersian Santoor being played by the world-renowned Sufi singer Bahramji.

Not only this, but also the movie has received an overwhelming response from more than 2 lakh viewers in just three days. You may watch the complete movie at below link:

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